Monday, July 19, 2010

Sixteenth Post - 4 bases 2 hydras 2 mystics and a callidus

Well I've been away for a bit with work and what not so it's time I get back to work on my army!
I've got 2 weathered hydras now and now I've got 2 more to go.

I also finished the 2 mystics I needed.

I also started the Callidus

Next I glued the canopies to the Vendettas. I also glued the resin Vendetta together.
Finally I painted (and sanded) 4 galeforce 9 lazy trays... err movement trays.

So now I've got to:
Weather 2 Hydra upper 1/2s
Weather Vendettas
Decide if I like the new base ring color
Decal new guardsmen
Touch up old models

All this by the 28th.

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