Saturday, April 26, 2014

Resurrecting the Blog - Knights

I'm afraid I let this blog slip a little while I updated the forums I frequent. However I've decided to try and switch up the way I post to make my photo dumps more mobile friendly. When the Imperial Knight first came out I knew I had to do something to convert it. Later when reading that GW had fleshed out the background and included a knight world dedicated to helping my titan legion I knew the best thing to do was have it stepping on an Ork vehicle of some kind. There's a little WIP blogish and more pics after the break!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Year Another Resolution

So here we are, 1/1/12 and I'm sure you're wondering where I've been.
First off I got a job in April and its been requiring a TON of my time. The last few months I've been working 7 days a week and turning the lights on and off.
So what have I painted this year?

Space Marines:
Built and painted 3rd Company Tactical and assault marines
Built and painted 3rd Company Chaplain and Librarian
Built and painted Damocles Rhino
Built and painted 10 Space Marine Veterans
Built and painted 4 Dreadnoughts
Basecoated 9 Landspeeders
Built and painted 3 Apothecaries
Built 24 Death Company
Built 17 Marines
Built 6 Chaplains
Built 4 Librarians
Converted 2 Librarians
Built 7 Commanders
Built 4 Apothecaries
Built 10 Tech marines
Built 3 Standard bearers
Built 8 Command Squad models
Converted 2 Company Champions
Built 5 Terminators
Built 9 Servitors

Grey Knights:
Built and painted Grand Master Test Model
Basecoated Land Raider Redeemer
Built and painted 2 Librarians
Built and painted 2 Heavily Converted Dread Knights
Built and Painted Giant Display base
Built and painted 48 Servo Skulls
Built and painted 4 Familiars
Built and painted Castellan Crowe
Built and painted Tech Marine
Converted and Basecoated Lelith to Callidus
Built and painted 4 Crusaders
Converted and Painted Megan Fox figure to Callidus
Built and painted 3 Vindicare assassins
Converted and painted Vindicare assassin
Built and painted Culexus assassin
Built and painted Imperial Assassin
Built and painted 3 Witch Hunters
Built and painted Nearly 150 Purifiers
Built and painted 1 Fallout mini
Built and painted 3 Inquisitor Rex bodyguards
Built and painted Dark eldar to Callidus Conversion
Built and painted Culexus Conversion
Converted 34 Crusaders
Converted 9 Tech marines
Built 60 Terminators

Imperial Guard:
Stripped Fixed and painted Stormblade
Stripped Fixed and painted Baneblade
Built and painted 20 Sentinels
Built and painted 14 Commissars
Basecoated 90 Stormtroopers
Basecoated nearly 200 Guardsmen
Built and painted 16 Enginseers
Built and painted 10 Adepts and Servitors
Built 1 Commissar

Painted 6 feet of Aegis Defence Lines
Built and painted 10 Sentry Guns
Converted enlarged Punisher cannon

Built and painted 4 Servitors
Built and painted Enginseer
Built and painted Genesis Chapter Assault Squad
Built and painted Vulkan Hestan
Built and painted Dreadnought
Built and painted Full Ultramarines command squad
Built and painted Ultramarines Tac squad
Built and painted Crimson Fist2 Tactical Squads
Built and painted 2 Crimson Fist Dreadnoughts
Built and painted 1 Birthday Present Cygnar model

15k Apoc-a-strike with no super heavies
Wargames Con
25k Apocalypse Game
1k Tournament GW Frisco (2nd)
2k Feast of Blades Tournament (4th)
2k Sideboard tournament (2nd)
AMPS modeling contest Silver Medal
Hobby Town Dallas Super Heavy Painting contest (1st Place)

So my hope is to try and do at least 1 update a week.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Space Hulk Libby, Belial, Promise of future knights!

I've kind of been neglecting most of my posting duties around the net as I work on ebay to clean my house up. However, due to that I've purchased a MUCH better camera. I've managed to paint up a few models over the past months and I'll be posting pictures of them when I get time. In the mean time here is the last of the un-Blood Angel-ed space hulk termi, and my very old Lysander-to-Belial conversion. Pictures after the break!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

36th Post - Updates on me

Well first off I've got some updates on my resolution. Then I've been working on some commission work for Bob and Mac. And lately I've been painting up some 5th company marines. I also purchased a Pentax K-X camera, so I'll be taking some nice pictures.

Here's the 2010 Resolutions

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

35th Post - Update

Ok so I'm sorry I've let this languish for so long. I'm graduating at the end of this semester and I've been breaking my back trying to study. I've also managed to finish a few more commissions such as 275 Flames of War 15mm Russians for Bob, 80 15mm Germans for Mac and I'm working on 80 more 15mm Germans for Mac.

Bob and Mac are good friends of mine and they've just restarted their Flames of War hobby... well game I guess since I'm doing the hobby.

Next up I've been working on the Damoclese rhino, it's almost done with decals applied. Next step is to gloss and flatten the decals then weather the whole tank. I'm not going to be doing much weathering because I like my marines battle ready.

Dad and I have also been working on the warhounds. We've got lights installed, sound boards ready to be wired and even put some paint down on them! Well it's just the reactors.

I've also been selling some of my unused models. I've now sold off nearly all of my Fantasy stuff, leaving only the pile of 2nd hand Empire models left. I've also started selling my Warmachine models. I've come to realize that with the monetary and time investments I've been sinking into the 40k universe I really don't have much left for other game systems. Don't get me wrong I've started branching off into Battle Fleet Gothic (played my first game) and Epic 40k (Started buying companies of tanks), Aeronautica Imperialis (purchased 4 planes), but I think my table top gaming is going to be in just the 41st millennium.