Tuesday, August 24, 2010

32nd Post - 28 more terminators

Well the titans have been slow going. We've basically taken the time to bring the other 3 into line with the first.
So in the mean time I've been working on a little commission (20 sanguinary guard, dante, and sanguinor) and painting some terminators. I've tried a few things out on these terminators that I like. First I've tried dryrbushing the light gray for all of the highlights. Second I've treid Kermi brown with bleached bone highlight instead of scorched brown with bleached bone highlight for all the parchment. Both these slight changes have increased the speed at which I can paint terminators, and I managed to paint 28 of them since my last post!

Monday, August 9, 2010

31st Post - Legion of the Damned are DONE

Well I can check that off the list (apart from the oop and limited models).
I can also check off one of my resolutions as I finally acquired the Iwo Jima and Uriel Ventris dioramas! I'm still on the look out for some Mechanicus and select Marine and Guard stuff but the Ultramarines were the hardest part.

Next up on the painting table is Bob's Sanguinary Guard, Dante, and Sanguinor (GOLD BABY!) I've got another 12,000 points per side battle coming up. This time between Kenny and his friend Eric (before he's shipped back overseas) and myself. We've decided no super heavies and no flank marching. It's going to be their 12k of Blood Angels and Guard vs my 12k of Marines and Guard.

Ok, I may have gone a little nuts on the pictures but here they are:
Chaos black was NOT used on these models. Most of these models were done with dry brushing. After I black washed the flames I brought them back with dry brushing, and that's how I did the braziers by dry brushing the flames. Same thing to highlight the guns, and that is even how I did the bone (except for the noses of the beakies). A small dry brushing can go a long way.

I think they're probably the best line infantry I've done. Obviously some flaws here and there but I'm tired of painting them.

I've also been invited to be a co-author at Game Headz blog at
so expect to see some stuff from me over there.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

30th Post - Back from WARcon, LoTD Guard conversion

Well I've back from WARcon.
I ended up getting 3 wins, 2 Draws, and 2 Losses. The points were a little weird (going from 0 - 50 per game in most cases) and I played a couple of jerks and some REALLY great opponents but all and all I had a blast. Hanging out with Bradford, Michael, and all the people we met was definitely the highlight! Dave Taylor taught and awesome class and I learned some sculpting tricks that I'll be trying out later.

But now that I'm home it's time to go back to painting. First up I put the orange down on the flames of the Legion of the Damned.