Friday, July 16, 2010

Fifteenth Post - Straken's new arms, finished Psykers.

Well I finally finished off the last 2 Hydras. These 2 didn't seem to like the older magnets I'd installed in their turrets so it took some work to cut them out and put new magnets in them

Then I finished the Psykers.
I'm trying a new color around their bases. I don't know if I like it yet. It does have the benefit of creating a definite separation of models.

Finally while waiting for the Pyskers to dry I decided to try out those new Max Mini bionic arms!

I also primed the 2 mystics and assassin.

So now I've got to:
Paint 2 mystics
Paint callidus assassin
Weather Hydra upper 1/2s
Double check magnets for Vendettas (a couple were loose the other day)
Weather Vendettas
Install cockpit in resin Vendetta
Install Canopies in Vendettas
Decide if I like the new base ring color
Decal new guardsmen
Touch up old models

All this by the 28th.

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