Tuesday, July 27, 2010

21st Post - Ultramarines History part 1 - Starting the army

Well here we are another history post, this time it’s for my Ultramarines.
You may want to get something to drink while this loads.

As y’all have read I originally started 40k with Tyranids. However due to the lack of a codex I decided to start Space Marines. After I read the 3rd Edition Space Marine codex I found I really liked the Ultramarines fluff and special characters, so I started painting my models in the original blue and yellow scheme.

With the release of the 4th edition codex and many improvements in my painting skills I decided it was time to redo my army. I went with a scheme that was darker than the stock GW one.
Here was the test model

I had originally tried to organize this chronologically but my memory isn’t clear enough to go back the nearly 8 years since 4th edition has come out.

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