Monday, June 28, 2010

Eleventh Post - Death Company Done, valk progress, more guard stuff.

It's been a while, I totally forgot to update the blog in the flurry of BoLS prep I've been doing.
I got the death company finished and delivered as well as the characters I was working on with them.
Pictures below (more pics in my photobucket)

Overall the figs came out good and Bob was happy thus I got paid.

Considering that was nearly 2 weeks ago I've got more news.

Next up was the Manticore for my guard. I converted it so I could magnetize on the kit's 3 missiles or put on a deathstrike missile (to be built later).

I also decaled up the valkyries. The forgeworld decals are a bit horrible and could have been put on as 1 large piece but they didn't include enough space in between for the panels. Instead you're expected to disassemble to decals and the put them down. If they would have added some spacing on the decal sheet this would be fine but there's barely any room to get a pair of scissors in there! They turned out ok, I've got some touchups to do with paint but them's the breaks.

Next up I started work on my Hydras. I've decided NOT to just stick something on my chimeras as that'd look goofy. Instead I'm going for a leman russ chassis (it's higher ;) ) with a special add on... take a look.

I've got some more work to do before I'm happy with them. Right now they keep falling over because they're so blasted top heavy.
So that's it from me.
BTW blame Bradford for my lack of posts. He recommended Fallout 3 to me and after picking it up I can't stop playing it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tenth Post - Nearly Finished Death Company

That's right I'm almost done with Bob's Death Company.
Since Sunday I've done the following to the death company:
Built them
Primed them black
Picked out red bits
Painted metallics
Painted parchments/tabbards
Painted wings/skulls
did touch ups
painted lenses

I need to do some touch ups around the eyes and then wash the metallics and parchments.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ninth Post - Death Company and Psykers

So I finally received the parts I needed for my psykers and I started building them. They're coming along rather nicely I think:

I really need to get off my ass and start painting these guys but I'm hoping whenever the forgeworld decals get in I'll start working on them again.

I also picked up another commission from Bob in the form of 30 Death Company, 20 Sanguinary guard, and every Blood Angel Special character.
Here's the Death Company, Astorath, Mephiston and his "stand in" Lemartes.

I'm hoping on finishing the Death Company and hopefully a couple of the characters by this weekend.

Also I recently reformatted my OS. I thought I had a problem when I installed new updates for XP but it turns out one of my SATA cables went bad.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eighth post - Commission break and Straken

I finished the last of Mac's minis. This time they're Tallaran Models, everyone of them had a conversion of some king. The lasguns had been converted to look more like carbines, others had simple weapon swaps.

Sarge, melta, and lasguns

Some guardsmen vox, 2 snipers and more lasguns

Heavy Weapon team

My favorite pose, it has a lot of story to it

Lately I've been trying out my BOLS list and I've decided to try out Straken. However I have no model for Straken so I needed to convert one, as the current and old straken models don't fit my army's look. So I came up with the following.

I had tried the scout biker shot-gun on the hip pose, but it didn't look very good so I went with the giant glaive.

I also ordered 3 foam trays for my vendettas, my first carrying case order of the year. It only took 6 months for me to start on my resolution.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Seventh Post - Commissions and BOLScon updates

Well for a while there it didn't look like I'd be going to BOLScon, however now it looks like I'm about 90% sure I'm going.

I started working on Mac's commission guardsmen again and got the Catachans and the Specials done.
I love working on Heavy weapon team bases, they allow me to really tell a story with the models, and just have fun with them. Here a junk russ turret becomes an ad-hoc piece of cover.

Here's Mac's Harker and 3 melta gunners.
More Catachans. Mac's guard are all rather bastardized amalgamations of every guard model he can get his hands on. Here some last chancers make good Catachans with the right paint.

Both of Mac's flamer's had a miscast on the left side of their face's. I painted them like they'd just been freshly burned by their charge.
The iconic Catachan sniper trio.

Mac also had some converted up medic's from the Lt Varras model from Battle for MaCragge boxed set. These figs need their bases finished (and the Callidus needs rubble)
I think they came out nice.
Next up was an Astropath converted from a Genestealer Magus, and a Callidus assassin.

This is the scheme I used for all of Mac's Cadians. It's the scheme that ties most of the figures together.

I started painting the vendettas I'm going to need.
I did one of the plastic vendettas a few days ago and did the old forgeworld resin tonight.
Here they are side by side. As you'll notice the wings are backwards. I like this look alot better than the normal GW look, as it makes the aircraft appear sleeker.

Here's the plastic's cockpitAnd the Resin's.

The resin Vendetta was originally my Inquisitor's Valkyrie so I'm going to just update the paint scheme.

Here's a close up of the Inquisition symbol on the wing.

And the inquisition door symbol. I've been wondering if I should paint the door black to match the backdrop of the wing symbol (and break up the gray). What do you think?

Obviously these 2 birds aren't done. I ordered a set of the fancy forgeworld valk/vendetta decals the other day and I'll be adding them later along with some weathering and possibly my normal Armageddon camo. I realize the fluff is that valks get attached to a ground unit after serving for so long so supposedly they would adopt the colors of the tanks around them, but I don't know. Again, what do you think, camo or no camo?

I also bought a new manticore/deathstrike list and I've got to say it's a fine kit. I don't like the style choice for the launcher itself (as I would have preferred a hydra/manticore pack) but apart from that (and the fugly deathstrike missile) I love it. I've gotten everything but the launcher assembly built and it went together so much smoother than the old chimera chassis vehicles.