Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nineteenth Post - Vendettas weathered

Well I've always thought the Vendettas needed something and after coming home from gaming last night I grabbed the Tamiya make up kit and went to town

Here's just 1 bird
The muzzle burns by the cockpit
Looks kind of silly without the gun there.
I think they look good. I'm going to go back with a little brown and hit the engine burns and muzzle burns a bit. I destroyed that little makeup brush they give you so I'll need to go buy another one.

I've got 1 week till I leave and the army is technically done! That's a big improvement from last year where I was painting in the hotel room the night before the Big Waaagh.

So apart from commissions what should I do next?
I've been thinking of trying to finish off my russes or maybe paint some more terminators. Of course I'm going to keep working on the titans but I need micro projects do do in the mean time.
I don't have room to start anymore projects so I need to finish some of the ones I have abandoned.

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