Monday, July 19, 2010

Seventeenth Post - Bases ringed, and final 2 hydras weathered

Tonight's update isn't going to be as flashy.

First up I got the other Hydras weathered.

Then I repainted the rings on the rest of the army

I also finished the Callidus and decaled the 4 new recruits (2 plasma gunners and 2 demo charges)
I've started doing touch ups on all of the infantry. As well as basing touch ups and sealing of the bases of the infantry and the movement trays.
Since I finished the majority of the infantry in June 2009 I've pretty much played with them only so they've got some scuffs and paint chips I've got to repair. I'm also cleaning up some of the blending where I can.

So now I've got to:
Weather Vendettas
1/2 Touch up old models

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