Sunday, January 30, 2011

36th Post - Updates on me

Well first off I've got some updates on my resolution. Then I've been working on some commission work for Bob and Mac. And lately I've been painting up some 5th company marines. I also purchased a Pentax K-X camera, so I'll be taking some nice pictures.

Here's the 2010 Resolutions

1) Buy more carrying cases. I have no room to store any more completed models (apart from a few more marines). So my number one objective needs to be to get some more foam to store my minis! I can't finish any half done projects if I have no place to store a finished product.
I've spent more this year on foam than anything else so I guess I've accomplished this one

2)Finalize a paint scheme for my Khador army. I've got a Warmachine army that's been gathering dust waiting for the release of the new rules set this January. Once that bad boy hits I want to be able to play a few games and to do that I need to have a painted army.
Done and done. I finalized a paint scheme for my khador and played 3 games.

3) Only play with painted stuff. Playing in Brian's campaign this year has inspired me to only play with painted figs. I've got enough figs and tanks around the house to field nearly anything I want to so I just need to paint it all, and the best way to do that is to only play with painted figs.
I only played in 1 game this entire year with unpainted models and that was against Brian. Of course I only played in about 20 games.

4) Finish rare models collection. I'm missing 2 models to have every Ultramarine GW has produced, I'm going to try and track them down this year and I'll let no ebay sniper get in my way. I'm also missing a few rogue trader mechanicus figures to finish off a collection of them.
I don't know how but I was able to track down both the Ultramarines figures this year, however the mechanicum figs I'm missing have shot up to the ~$30 price range and I don't know if I'm happy with spending that much on 1 infantry figure.

5) Finish a super heavy. Stormlord, warhounds, reavers, mysterious projects no one's seen? Take your pick, but I definitely need to finish 1 or all of them.
Swing and a miss. Although the warhounds are nearing completion.

6) Keep track of painting and purchases via log book. I've created an excel spreadsheet for keeping track of my gaming related purchases and accomplishments. I'd like to see at the end of the next year everything I've accomplished without having to rely on my faulty memory.
Mission accomplished! I painted 1270 figures in the past year. That includes vehicles, characters and nearly 300 15mm figures. Out of that total 1136 were on commission. I started but never finished 74 figures.
Monetarily... well lets just say I spent too much.

For 2011:
Increase my molding capabilities. There has been some things I want to mold but I've been afraid too, I've got some silicon that's about to go bad and I figure it's time to experiment.

Start my Wolf army. I've signed myself up for the 40k Radio motivational challenge for the rest of 2011 and it'll hopefully keep me going on my wolves. Every month I have to complete something different
Jan - Bootaz Choice
Feb – Troop
March – HQ
April – Troop
May – Elite
June – Heavy Support
July – Fast Attack
August – Elite
September – Heavy Support
October – Bootaz Choice including Toys for Tots
Nov – Fast Attack
Dec – Objective Markers / Terrain /Display Board

Play in more tournaments. Hopefully as I move into the career world I'll be able to get some Saturdays off to play in a few tournaments.

Play on Wednesday nights. As I'm finally finished with school I plan on making it up on Wednesday nights more often. This will give me some more practice, which I am in dire need of.

Buy more foam. This is a repeat goal because I'm tired of having models strewn everywhere. I'm trying to make a case of unpainted models so I can just open it up when I get the painting itch.

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