Tuesday, November 30, 2010

35th Post - Update

Ok so I'm sorry I've let this languish for so long. I'm graduating at the end of this semester and I've been breaking my back trying to study. I've also managed to finish a few more commissions such as 275 Flames of War 15mm Russians for Bob, 80 15mm Germans for Mac and I'm working on 80 more 15mm Germans for Mac.

Bob and Mac are good friends of mine and they've just restarted their Flames of War hobby... well game I guess since I'm doing the hobby.

Next up I've been working on the Damoclese rhino, it's almost done with decals applied. Next step is to gloss and flatten the decals then weather the whole tank. I'm not going to be doing much weathering because I like my marines battle ready.

Dad and I have also been working on the warhounds. We've got lights installed, sound boards ready to be wired and even put some paint down on them! Well it's just the reactors.

I've also been selling some of my unused models. I've now sold off nearly all of my Fantasy stuff, leaving only the pile of 2nd hand Empire models left. I've also started selling my Warmachine models. I've come to realize that with the monetary and time investments I've been sinking into the 40k universe I really don't have much left for other game systems. Don't get me wrong I've started branching off into Battle Fleet Gothic (played my first game) and Epic 40k (Started buying companies of tanks), Aeronautica Imperialis (purchased 4 planes), but I think my table top gaming is going to be in just the 41st millennium.

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