Sunday, February 20, 2011

Space Hulk Libby, Belial, Promise of future knights!

I've kind of been neglecting most of my posting duties around the net as I work on ebay to clean my house up. However, due to that I've purchased a MUCH better camera. I've managed to paint up a few models over the past months and I'll be posting pictures of them when I get time. In the mean time here is the last of the un-Blood Angel-ed space hulk termi, and my very old Lysander-to-Belial conversion. Pictures after the break!



I tried playing with GIMP a little more to make some better all in one shots. What do y'all think?

As I posted last time I'd planned to complete my Space Wolf army this year, however, I think I'm going to scrap it. I've also been bitten by the Grey Knight bug and I'll be repainting my 10k worth of knights over the next few months. The first step was to get a clear count of what I've picked up over the last year via trades and bartering and I'm glad to say that task is done! I'll be posting some photos of my old scheme and my new base coated Grey Knight later.

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