Saturday, April 26, 2014

Resurrecting the Blog - Knights

I'm afraid I let this blog slip a little while I updated the forums I frequent. However I've decided to try and switch up the way I post to make my photo dumps more mobile friendly. When the Imperial Knight first came out I knew I had to do something to convert it. Later when reading that GW had fleshed out the background and included a knight world dedicated to helping my titan legion I knew the best thing to do was have it stepping on an Ork vehicle of some kind. There's a little WIP blogish and more pics after the break!
First I took stock of the canvas I had to work with. The base for the knights is HUGE for those who haven't seen it. This is it under a trygon/flyer base. First was getting the leg to be stepping. This wasn't too difficult but trying to get the power cables lined up correctly ended up requiring a fill in from Dragon Forge. After hacking on the leg I realized there wasn't going to be much give without doing a ton of modifications so I decided to add a few rocks under his feet to raise him up more. Next I went out and picked up an extra killa-kan from a friend of mine and converted it so it was being stomped. Not that all the hacking was out of the way I got to work laying into this guy with my airbrush. A coat of Vallejo's black primer followed by the same Testors Insignia Red I used on the warhounds for the carapace, Testor's Buffing Metallizer Gunmetal for the skeleton, and I was ready to go. And now here he sits finished and ready to game! More pics of the base that will be finished when I get more knights. Now to store this behemoth I picked up some battlefoam specifically designed for knights. However I've come to learn the hard way that only the top 1/2 of the tray is pluck and pick, so it required some careful sawing to get the overlarge base to fit.

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