Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eighth post - Commission break and Straken

I finished the last of Mac's minis. This time they're Tallaran Models, everyone of them had a conversion of some king. The lasguns had been converted to look more like carbines, others had simple weapon swaps.

Sarge, melta, and lasguns

Some guardsmen vox, 2 snipers and more lasguns

Heavy Weapon team

My favorite pose, it has a lot of story to it

Lately I've been trying out my BOLS list and I've decided to try out Straken. However I have no model for Straken so I needed to convert one, as the current and old straken models don't fit my army's look. So I came up with the following.

I had tried the scout biker shot-gun on the hip pose, but it didn't look very good so I went with the giant glaive.

I also ordered 3 foam trays for my vendettas, my first carrying case order of the year. It only took 6 months for me to start on my resolution.

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