Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sixth Post - 275 finished Cadians, a GT, and PBS

Well it's been a while.
First off I had to finish this semester and that was a little crazy, with 2 major projects during finals week.
I finally finished all of Bob's 275 Cadians you can see them here
Here's a pick of all of them together:

Before that I went to a GT in San Antonio Texas the Alamo 40k GT. The first of it's kind. I ended up coming in 21st out of 46 so a little above the 1/2 way mark (my goal). Results can be found here.

While there I took some photos of some of the neat armies (and X boards) and a few of the sights. Those photos are here.

While waiting for some of those cadians to dry I built the start of 3 squads of Psyker Battle Squads. Here are the front of the overseers for the units.

And the back. The one pointing the pistol doesn't have his finger on the trigger. I plan on putting some text on the book like "How to tell if your charge is possessed:".

I figure this is the 3 steps of battle psykers. Step 1 wait till the enemy is about to be shot by the army and break them (guy with binoculars). Step 2 drop the LD debuff (guy with sword). Step 3 fail psychic check and kill off some guys (guy with book).
And here is one of the 12 battle psykers I built. I'm trying to round up more of those stockade arms from the flagellant sets so if anyone has any let me know.

Hopefully I can do some more updates as I paint these 3 squads, 3 vendettas (which need tons of work), and build (and paint) 6 hydras all before the end of July!

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