Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Third Post - Work on Rough Riders and final plasmasaurus

I'm going to try hosting the pics here to see if that changes anything. If it does I'll probably go back and edit the other posts.
Well tonight I got some work done on my Rough Riders and the final 2 plasma-saurus.
I had originally ordered 5 of the limited Pheonix Gamer's Society Moa bird rough riders and at the time I built 4 and cast the final one. I kept pouring molds until it broke and ended up with about 13 complete extra birds. So tonight I built another 5 birds to make 9 total.

As you can see they're kind of static. I'm going to build the first squad like this and then make a new mold of varying leg poses.

Here's a picture of one of the birds next to an assassin I'm doing as part of a commission.
The other thing I got accomplished is putting the gunmetal and silver down on my final 2 plasma-saurus.All these tanks lack now is tracks, stippling, touch ups, blue effects, squad colors, and finally decals. It sounds like a lot but I can finish some of those 2 per night.
I finally finished reading "Storm of Iron" last night and I really enjoyed it. You can tell it's a very early book by Grahm as Space Marines are treating guardsmen as equals, and sitting in chairs.
As a reward I'm starting Iron Warrior. It's one of those new limited release books from black library so I hope it's worth the price of admission.

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